Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something I Cooked: Bacon-Dog Armageddon

The eggs being hard-boiled were not part of this project.
Have you ever made yourself a dish that was like really really good, but then after you ate it you were like, Yeah, I won't be making and/or eating that for a long long time?

Welcome to my Monday night!

I hit the treadmill for the first time in a while. I have been getting exercise and also risking heart failure mowing the lawn with my manual push mower, but I need to keep exercising in order to fight the age and fat and random health problems that are clawing me into the grave.

So what better way to commemorate my return to traditional exercise than with a bacon hot dog?

My previous food-related posts contain recipes that I think you should try, but I can't recommend you attempt this snack.

But if you like hotdogs and love bacon, or love hot dogs and like bacon, then I say go for it!

I had some leftover (uncooked) bacon from the weekend. Usually I make a whole package (my son can put away half a pound or more by himself) but this weekend I decided to hold onto a few slices...just in case.

Right after I work out, I always tell myself that I should complete my evening with a modest post-workout snack, but it never seems to end up that way. Add the fact that I'm blogging while slumped on the couch as Mrs. The Anthony Show watches The Bachelorette, and you can call the night a total wash.

As I fried the bacon, I was vacillating between egg or hot dog as its complement. I settled on the hot dog because I figured that since I was already frying bacon at 9:30pm, I might as well go all the way.

To be (a little) fair, I did have some fish for dinner. Every Monday, Mrs. The Anthony Show makes me a fish dish, despite my professed hatred of all edible things from the sea (save tuna salad) because I know I need more seafood in my life. Tonight we had...what was it? Tilapia, I think.

So yeah, I threw a hot dog in to the pan.

To increase the evil nature of this dish, I threw the bun into the pan, to soak up all the bacon essence.

Get that dog nice and blistery! Like my aorta's gonna be!

The bun came out a little soggier than I expected, but who gives a shit?

Add dog and mustard.

Then the bacon. And then I added grated cheddar cheese and pickles and a splash of Frank's Red Hot. Because I know you would, too.

Sometimes I experience Food Regret midway through a meal (that doesn't stop me from finishing it, though). For this particular dish, Food Regret crept in shortly before I went to bed, and I wasn't sure if I was even going to wake up the next day. I'd hope there'd be no autopsy: "Mrs. The Anthony Show, the official cause of death is 'gastronomical misadventure.'"

It's remarkable how you can love something so much, then not want to even think about it again after experiencing it. This must explain Charlie Sheen's love life.

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